About HPC Carpentry

HPC Carpentry is a set of publicly available teaching materials designed to make the task of teaching HPC a little easier. These lessons are specifically aimed at academic researchers who are new to the task of using remote, large-scale computing (see Why HPC Carpentry).

The HPC Carpentry lessons have been developed for instructors looking to teach introductory workshops on high-performance computing. Lessons follow the Carpentries format: all teaching is done via live coding, with students following along with the instructor on their own computer. No prior experience is required, and the workshop itself requires only a half day (at minimum) commitment from instructors and attendees, although we recommend running at least day-long or two-day workshops to accommodate the amount of content and respect the pace of learning.
Students should be able to leave the workshop and immediately begin working on an HPC system.

Using the materials and name

Anyone is welcome to use, remix and share the HPC Carpentry lesson materials for their own purposes.

If you want to run a workshop under the “HPC Carpentry” name, we ask that workshop organizers follow these guidelines:

Get in touch!

We would like to track workshops that use this material (whether officially branded as HPC Carpentry or not). Please fill out the following forms:

  • Before a workshop
    • Let us know if you’re interested in running a workshop (or planning to give one), and if you have any questions
  • After a workshop
    • Provide feedback about what materials you used and how it went

There is also an HPC Carpentry mailing list hosted on Topicbox – sign up for ongoing announcements and conversation among the community.