HPC Carpentry:
Teaching basic skills for high-performance computing.

HPC Carpentry is a set of teaching materials designed to help new users take advantage of high-performance computing systems. No prior computational experience is required - these lessons are ideal for either an in-person workshop or independent study.

NOTE: This is the draft HPC Carpentry release. Comments and feedback are welcome.

What is HPC Carpentry?

Each of these lessons are designed to teach how to interact with a compute cluster in a specific way. The first two lessons, Intro to HPC, and Shell on HPC are meant to be used together as a general introduction to the bash command line and submitting jobs on a typical HPC cluster. The second two lessons focus on two separate use cases for HPC: running large numbers of compute jobs (often with complex inter-job dependencies), or creating parallel programs that execute across one or more compute nodes. Each lesson takes roughly a full day to teach (or work through independently). It is intended that the Intro to HPC lesson be taught together with either the Python or Chapel component to form a two-day workshop or the Intro to HPC + Shell can be taught as a standalone.

Sound worthwhile? Check out a more in-depth overview of our lessons, look into hosting a workshop, or consider contributing to our lessons on Github.